Imma autodoxa

(Imma autodoxa)


Imma autodoxa is a moth in the Immidae family. It was described by Meyrick in 1886. It is found on Fiji. The wingspan is 19–21 mm. The forewings are fuscous, somewhat purplish-tinged and with a streak (sometimes well-defined) from the base of the costa to the inner margin before the middle, and a triangular patch extending on the costa from before the middle to the apex, and connected at its apex with the middle of the inner margin by a dentate streak, irrorated with white. There is a purplish black suffusion along the inner margin to the middle, and along the submedian fold to two-thirds. A black dot is found in the disc before the middle, a second more obscure slightly beyond it on the fold, both sometimes obsolete, and a third larger in the disc beyond the middle. There is also a cloudy ochreous-yellowish spot on the costa at two-thirds, and a second before the apex, from where proceeds a cloudy dentate yellowish line to the anal angle, preceded in the middle by a purplish black suffusion. There is a hind-marginal row of ochreous-yellowish dots. The hindwings are ochreous-yellow, with a broad blackish border all round except on the costa.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Insecta
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