Guatemalan black howler

(Alouatta pigra)



The black howler monkey Guatemalan,black saraguato or Guatemalan saraguato ( Alouatta pigra ) is a species of primate platirrino of Central America.It is located in Belize,Guatemala and Mexico,occupying the Yucatan peninsula and forests of the states of Tabasco and Chiapas.Lives in perennial,semi-tropical and lowland rainforests.It is also known as "baboon" in Belize,although it is not closely related to the baboons that live in Africa.It is commonly seen in the Community Baboon Sanctuary and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize,and also in the various archaeological sites found in their geographical distribution.The black howler monkey of Guatemala is the largest species of howler monkey in Central America,and is one of the largest species of monkeys in the new world.The males have an average weight of 11.4 kg and the females 6.4 kg.Its body measures between 52 cm and 64 cm,excluding the tail.The tail measures between 59 and 69 cm.Adults of both sexes have long,black hair and a prehensile tail,while the brood has a brown fur.Males over 4 months of age have a white scrotum.The black howler monkey of Guatemala has some adaptations in common with other species of howler monkeys,which allow it to follow a diet with a large component of leaves.Their molars have high shear ridges,which help to eat the leaves.The males have an enlarged hyoid bone near the vocal cords,which serves to amplify the howling.This allows you to locate other males without spending much energy,which is important since the leaves are a food with a low nutritional value.The howls occur mainly at dawn and dusk.The black howler monkey of Guatemala is a diurnal and arboreal species.3 Live in groups that usually consist of one or two adult males,with a proportion of 1.3 females for each male.Groups generally have from 2 to 10 members,incluyend breeding,although there has been groups with up to 16 members.3 8 The living area has an area of between 3 and 25 hectares.The population density can exceed 250 monkeys per square kilometer in the Community Baboon Sanctuary in Belize.The diet of the black howler monkey of Guatemala mainly includes leaves and fruits,although the flowers also form a smaller portion of their diet.The breadnut can provide up to 86% of the diet monkey during certain seasons.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Mammalia
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