Variegated spider monkey

(Ateles hybridus)



The body of this species has a length of between 45 and 50 cm,with a tail between 72 and 82 cm long,and a weight that ranges between 4 and 8 kg.They have an almost hairless face,in similarity with Ateles belzebuth,but unlike this one without depigmented areas around the eyes and labors.The submolar fringe and frontal patch in the shape of a triangle are variable,but not as remarkable as in A.belzebuth.The color of the back varies from grayish to light brown to an intense brown.The head,neck,forehead,hind limbs and the back of the tail are as dark as the back and in some individuals the color approaches the blackish brown.The color of the irisIt is normally light brown although some animals show a gray or blue tinge.The hind limbs are usually paler and similar to the color of the back except for the typical dark coloration on the knees.The belly varies from white with brownish tones to a light yellow,and does not contrast on the sides.The outer face of the hind limbs are dark brown,relatively uniform with the color of the back and feet.The belly varies from whitish to light yellow and contrasts with the brownish side,extremities,tail and head.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Mammalia
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