White-whiskered spider monkey

(Ateles marginatus)


It is common for the white-cheeked spider monkey to travel in smaller groups of 2-4 when feeding and resting.At around 4–5 years of age,it apparently reaches sexual maturity and will give birth to one offspring after a gestation period of 226–232 days;the interbirth interval can last as long as 28–30 months in the wild.The diet of the white-cheeked spider monkey consists of fruit,leaves,flowers,aerial roots,bark,decaying wood,honey,and even some small insects such as termites and caterpillars.One very important impact it has on its habitat is to provide seed dispersal for different species of plants throughout their territory.It is thought that they provide movement for up to 138 different species of fruit seeds.[

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Mammalia
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