Geoffroy's cat

(Leopardus geoffroyi)


Geoffroy's cat is about the same size as a domestic cat: it is about 60 cm long and has a relatively short tail,about 31 cm.It weighs only 2-5 kg,but specimens that reached 7.8 kg were also registered.In general,the specimens present in the southern regions of the range are larger than those spread further north,and the males are larger than the females.The fur has many black spots,but the background color varies from region to region: in the north the individuals with a brownish-yellow coat are more common;further south,grayish mantles are predominant.As in most cats,the fur in the ventral region is lighter,being cream or even white.There are dark bands on the tail and legs,and similar patterns on the cheeks and along the top of the head and neck.The back of the ears is black,with a white spot.Melanici specimens are common both in nature and in captivity.Geoffroy's cats were seen standing on their hind legs to observe the surroundings,using the tail as a support,unusual behavior among the cats.A similar posture was observed in weasels,suricates and prairie dogs,but generally not in other cats.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Mammalia
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