Grey-crested helmet-shrike

(Prionops poliolophus)


L ' her feathered crestagrigia ( Prionops poliolophus G.A.Fischer and Reichenow,1884 ) is a bird of the family of Prionopidi native of Kenya southwestern and Tanzania Western.Like all the representatives of his family,the plumage crestagrigia has a characteristic hooked beak and a tuft of feathers on the forehead.It measures 24-26 cm in length and weighs about 49 g.It has black and white plumage and yellow eyes,a long and showy gray crest on the head (present only in adults),and a large white wing bar.In appearance it is very reminiscent of the most common having it from the crestalunga helmet ( Prionops plumatus ),but it is larger and lacks the yellow caruncles that form a sort of ring around the eyes.His recalls include various vibrating and pop-like sounds,but also noises made by beating his beak.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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