Neosalanx tangkahkeii

(Neosalanx tangkahkeii)


Neosalanx tangkahkeii, the Chinese icefish, is a species of icefish endemic to China. Neosalanx tangkahkeii as an unsexed male can grow to an average length of about 6.3 centimeters or 2.4 inches. They are native to China. They are recorded to have the characteristics of a smooth body with a lack of scales, except the male does have a thin line of scales. N. tangkahkeii have a white opaque body color with a transparent head. They can be found in freshwater environments within a subtropical climate. This species is considered to be of least concern of becoming an endangered species due to a stable population rate. Pollution and overfishing are the only threats that affect the decline of population, but it is not in any danger. Neosalanx tangkahkeii has the diet of small fish and shrimp. The common English name of this species is the Short-snout Icefish.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Actinopterygii
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