Dipterocarpus alatus

(Dipterocarpus alatus)



Dipterocarpus alatus (Thai: ยางนา, RTGS:yang na, pronounced[jāːŋ nāː]; Khmer chhë tiël ba:y, chhë tiël tük, chhë tiël thom or chheuteal; Vietnamese: dầu nước, dầu rái) is a tropical forest tree, of dense evergreen or mixed dense forests, in tropical Asia. It is considered vulnerable. It often occurs gregariously along river banks and is a key planting species for regenerating deforested land around the Dong Nai river and Cat Tien National Park. In Cambodia the wood is much valued in construction and cabinetwork, when not exploited for its oily resin. Generally, resin is collected for the following uses: wood lacquering, draught-proofing of boats and traditional medicine. When mixed with beeswax, it is used in bandages for ulcerated wounds. The bark of young trees is also used in traditional medicine, taken against rheumatism and diseases of the liver, and to stimulate appetite in cattle. In Myanmar/Burma one of the largest of the species is in KengTung, photos below from Nov 2014

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Plantae
Class: Magnoliopsida
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