Plumbago zeylanica glaucescens

(Plumbago zeylanica glaucescens)


Plumbago zeylanica, commonly known as-Ceylon leadwort,-doctorbush or-wild leadwort,-is a species of-plumbago-with a-pantropical-distribution.-Carl Linnaeus-described the-paleotropical-P. zeylanica-and-neotropical-P. scandens-as separate species, but they are currently considered synonymous. Ceylon Leadwort is a-herbaceous plant-with glabrous stems that are climbing, prostrate, or erect. The leaves are petiolate or sessile and have ovate, lance-elliptic, or spatulate to oblanceolate blades that measure 5-9 - 2.5-4-cm in length. Bases are attenuate while apexes are acute, acuminate, or obtuse. Inflorescences are 3-15-cm in length and have glandular, viscid rachises. Bracts are lanceolate and 3-7 - 1-2-mm long. The heterostylous flowers have white corollas 17-33-mm in diameter and tubes 12.5-28-mm in length. Capsules are 7.5-8-mm long and contain are reddish brown to dark brown seeds

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Plantae
Class: Magnoliopsida
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