Polyspora elliptica

(Polyspora elliptica)


Lasianthus is a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. They are tropical subshrubs, shrubs, or rarely, small trees. They inhabit the understory of primary forests. None of them are known to have any use.Lasianthus has about 180 species. The type species for the genus is Lasianthus cyanocarpus. In 2012, a revision of Lasianthus in Malesia described 131 species.Another 30 or so species grow elsewhere in tropical Asia.Most of these are described in Flora of China or in A Revised Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon. Fifteen species or perhaps as many as 20 species are known from tropical Africa. Two species (Lasianthus panamensis and Lasianthus lanceolatus),or possibly three, are native to the neotropics.Lasianthus strigosus, from Queensland, is the only species known from Australia. The Australian Ixora baileyana had at one time been placed in Lasianthus as Lasianthus graciliflorus. Dried specimens of Lasianthus often shed their flowers and fruit. For this reason, misidentification is common, even in herbaria. The name Lasianthus has been misapplied to Lisianthius (also spelled as "Lisianthus" or "Lisyanthus"), a genus in Gentianaceae. Lasianthus alatus Aublet is a misspelling of Lisyanthus alatus Aublet, a species now placed in Chelonanthus.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Plantae
Class: Magnoliopsida
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