(Araucaria hunsteinii)



Araucaria hunsteinii (Klinki, Klinkii or "Klinky") is a species of Araucaria native to the mountains of Papua New Guinea. It is threatened by habitat loss. Araucaria hunsteinii mature leaf detail. Araucaria hunsteinii mature trunk detail. It is a very large evergreen tree (the tallest in New Guinea, and the tallest species in its family), growing to 50-80 metres (164-262 ft) tall, exceptionally to 90 metres (295 ft), with a trunk up to 3 metres (10 ft) diameter. The branches are horizontal, produced in whorls of five or six. The leaves are spirally arranged, scale-like or awl-like, 6-12 centimetres (2–5 in) long and 1.5-2 centimetres (5⁄8-3⁄4 in) broad at the base, with a sharp tip; leaves on young trees are shorter (under 9 centimetres (4 in) and narrower (under 1.5 centimetres (5⁄8 in)). It is usually monoecious with male and female cones on the same tree; the pollen cones are long and slender, up to 20 centimetres (8 in) long and 1 centimetre (3⁄8 in) broad; the seed cones are oval, up to 25 centimetres (10 in) long and 14-16 centimetres (5+1⁄2–6+1⁄4 in) broad. The seed cones disintegrate at maturity to release the numerous 3-4 centimetres (1-1+1⁄2 in) long nut-like seeds. It is a fast-growing tree, and is being tested as a potentially important timber crop in tropical highland climates. Araucaria hunsteinii is a species of Plantae in the Tracheophyta family, described by Karl Moritz Schumann. Araucaria hunsteinii belongs to the genus Araucaria, and the family Araucariaceae. The IUCN classifies the species as endangered. None of these subspecies are listed.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Plantae
Class: Pinopsida
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