Spruce Pine

(Pinus glabra)



Pinus glabra, the�spruce pine, is a�tree�found on the coastal�plains�of the�southern�United States, from southern�South Carolina�south to northern�Florida�and west to southern�Louisiana. This�pine�is a straight-growing, medium-sized species, attaining heights of 20�40 m The leaves are needle-like, in bundles of two, 5�8 cm long, slender (1 mm thick), and glossy dark green. The small, slender cones are 4�6 cm long, with weak prickles on the scales that are soon shed Pinus glabra differs markedly from most other pines in that it does not occur in largely pure pine forests, but is typically found as scattered trees in moist woodland habitats in mixed hardwood forest. To be able to compete successfully in such habitats, it has adapted greater shade tolerance than most other pines.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Coniferophyta
Class: Pinopsida
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