Southern Chinese Pine

(Pinus tabuliformis)



Pinus tabuliformis is a medium-sized evergreen tree 20-30 m tall, with a flat-topped crown when mature (whence the scientific name, 'table-shaped'). The growth rate is fast when young, but slows with age. The grey-brown bark fissures at an early age compared to other trees. The broadly spreading shape is very pronounced, in part due to the long horizontal branching pattern. The needle-like leaves are shiny grey-green, 10-17 cm long and 1.5 mm broad, usually in pairs but occasionally in threes at the tips of strong shoots on young trees. The cones are green, ripening brown about 20 months after pollination, broad ovoid, 4-6 cm long, with broad scales, each scale with a small prickle. The seeds are 6-7 mm long with a 15-20 mm wing, and are wind-dispersed.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Coniferophyta
Class: Pinopsida
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